Sponsorship and Branding Opportunity

The highly acclaimed Urban X Awards would like to invite you/your company to be part of this year’s star-studded event.
Taking place Sunday, August 18, 2019 the Urban X Awards returns with its award show to recognize contributions of  significance in the

Adult Entertainment Industry.
This year’s awards show will take place at ‘Globe Theatre’ in Downtown LA, California and is expected to attract the creme-de-La crème of the adult world, mainstream celebrities and hundreds of fans from around the world.
In our efforts to continually include outside companies, organizations and individuals in this gala event, the Urban X Awards is offering special branding opportunities of various levels and benefits suitable to fit your companies branding & exposure needs. This fun-filled evening, and the events preceding the awards show, are sure to attract hundreds of fans and industry professionals seeking to have a great time at one of the most anticipated, exciting celebrations in the adult industry.
If you would like to be part of the Urban X Awards and surrounding events, and as a result, bring significant awareness to your company brand, please review our branding opportunities available.
We look forward to collaborating with you once again on this special occasion!

Sincerely, Giana Taylor

Please Make Checks Payable to:
Urban X Awards
6620 Charlesworth Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91606

Sponsorship Levels